Beyond Thankful // May 2016 Update

Hola, amigos!

May was a very busy month for me as I continued raising support both in Columbus, Ohio and on a week-long trip to Annapolis, Maryland. I met dozens of people from Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis last summer while I was interning in El Salvador with the same ministry I will work for when I move. I loved getting the chance to catch up with a lot of them on this support-raising trip and sharing more of my story and heart for El Salvador with them. I even got a chance to tour the US Naval Academy! A HUGE thank you to the Woda family (Tim, Christine, Matthew, and Megan) for graciously opening their home to me while I was in Annapolis. Tim and Christine led a missions team from Bay Area that I served with last year, and it was so encouraging to spend time with them and everyone else I was able to see.

[ seeing the Naval Academy with some new friends-thanks for the tour! ]
[ attending church at Bay Area with Christine, a truly amazing woman of Christ! ]

PRAISE! As of the end of May I have reached about 67% of my overall monthly support goal! This is a bit below my goal of 70%, but I am still amazed at how God provided this month and am trusting He will make up the difference in His own timing. I cannot believe I am over ⅔ of the way there! Remember, I must reach 100% of my monthly support goal before I am able to move to El Salvador and begin working at the Children’s Development Centers full-time. I am constantly praising the Lord and am beyond thankful for each person He has brought to my team and for the ones He still has left to connect me with (Ephesians 1:15-17).

In the first week of May, our local team in El Salvador hosted a mission team from New Life Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan.The New Life team spent three days sharing the Gospel at Colegio Ceren (a local high school), and a day each at our Children’s Development Centers in the village of Guayabo and the city of Soyapango. You can read more about what the team was up to that week (and browse around our El Salvador church’s website) by clicking here.

[ the New Life team and locals at our Center in Guayabo ]
[ ministering to students at Colegio Ceren ]

Please pray for our local team in El Salvador as they gear up for a busy few months, as most of the mission teams that serve with us come in June-August. My heart aches to be there again this summer helping to host the teams, but I know that God has perfectly equipped the team in El Salvador and the missionaries from the States as they prepare to serve together to further His Kingdom. I also know that He has called me to be in the States right now to prepare myself for full-time ministry when I touch ground in El Salvador!

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. // Philippians 1:3 (NLT)

Que Dios los bendiga,

Prayer Requests:

  • That I will reach 90% of my overall monthly support goal by July 1.
  • For the upcoming mission teams that will be serving with our local team in El Salvador from Rock City Church (June 4-12), CedarCreek Church (June 18-26), and Bay Area Community Church (June 25-July 3).
  • For some extra quality time with my family and friends as my time in the States becomes shorter and shorter. 

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