He Renews My Soul // May 2017 Update

Hola, amigos!

I hope everyone has had an encouraging month. I’ll keep this update short as I just got back to El Salvador from a three-week trip back home to the States. Although it was a trip full of joy, it left some work piled up for when I returned.

I am so thankful for the chance I had to go back home for a short while after over six months of being away from friends and family. The highlight was definitely getting to snuggle my first niece who was born halfway through the trip! I also enjoyed a lot of time seeing the rest of my family and some of my dear friends and church family from Rock City. I would have loved to have seen everyone, but God definitely used that time to renew my soul to get back to my mission work.

One of the other great things about this trip was it gave me some extended quality time in God’s Word and reflecting on all that has happened since moving to El Salvador. I also prayed a lot about the ministry here and felt really encouraged about some new projects we are working on and ideas I have to (hopefully) do my job better. And of course, I definitely took advantage to snatch up everything I could fit in my luggage for myself and for the Centers that is either unaccessible or really expensive in Central America (office supplies, electronics, and pretty much everything Old Navy).

Although I was sad leaving my friends and family again, I really missed our staff and kids at the Centers, and it has been just as refreshing to see them again! Something I’ve learned about Salvadoran culture is they highly value interpersonal relationships. I was only gone for a few weeks, and I was welcomed back by tons of hugs and a even a couple of gifts!

My time in the States reminded me of a lesson from my missionary training at MTI about the Sabbath. Instead of resting by napping more and keeping our schedules clear for a day, we need to rest intentionally by turning to Jesus who promises to teach us how to live freely and lightly. 

Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take up my yoke and learn from me, because I am lowly and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burnden is light. // Matthew 11:28-30 (CSB)

Thank you for the part you play in making this ministry and my work as a missionary possible. I promise you it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!


Prayer Requests:

  • For our local team as we prep for a busy few months full of mission teams. In June, we will host Rock City (June 10-18), Xperience (June 10-18), CedarCreek (June 17-25) and Bay Area Community Church (June 24-July 2).
  • For me as I continue working on new ideas to get all of our kids sponsored at our Centers.
  • For our church and Center leadership as they dream up new ways to expand our ministry and reach more people for the Lord.

Stay in touch!

Email // ali.howard@reliant.org
Facebook // facebook.com/ali.howard.52
If you’d like my Salvadoran phone number (add me on WhatsApp!) or my current mailing address, let me know. 

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