See You Soon, USA! // September 2018 Update

Hello, dear family and friends!

I’ve booked my flights to be in the States for furlough and I’ll be in Ohio from October 15th to December 28th! I’ll split my time between Columbus and Toledo and I’m hoping to make short trips out to Chicago and Washington D.C./Annapolis area. Reliant Mission requires its international missionaries to take a furlough of about three months every two years. My goals for this furlough are as follows:
Reconnect with current supporters to share about how their generosity is advancing the Kingdom in San Salvador. This is a chance to thank you guys in person and answer any questions you may have about my work on the mission field!

Wanna catch up when I’m Stateside?

I’d love to! You can respond to this email or message me and I’ll reach out to set up a time to grab coffee or dinner. I also love meeting new people and sharing about what our Creator is has going on in San Salvador. Let me know if you’d like me to speak to your small group or meet up with friends or family of yours!


Raise additional support to close my current financial gap and account for expected increases in expenses. Reliant missionaries see an average of a 20% drop in monthly support between each furlough, which means they work to replenish that gap while in the States. In my case, I’ve seen less than a 20% drop in finances (Praise God! Thank you!), but I still have a significant deficit which if left as it is would eventually affect me on the field. To support ministry activities and better fulfill my roles, I am also planning on buying a car early next year. I already have the funds to be able to purchase the car, but I’ll need to account for the monthly expenses that come along with it (insurance, gas, maintenance).

Please pray for me during this time as I seek $500 in new monthly support by the end of the year. If you are one of my current supporters, I also ask that you prayerfully consider increasing your monthly gift to go towards this goal. 


Recharge and rest alongside my family and friends while basking in the comfort of my home culture. At a missionary training before moving, I learned that life living abroad is an amazing experience, but it also comes with a certain low-level stress as I confront and adapt to cultural differences on a daily basis. Extended time in the States will allow me to let go of those burdens for a while and enjoy some sacred time with those I’ve known the longest and deepest. I’m really looking forward to this social and spiritual refresher!


God is using you to make the work He is doing in San Salvador possible. Thank you for all that you do for me and for those we serve!



Prayer Requests

  • For God’s provision and boldness as I meet with potential supporters to make up for the $500 monthly deficit.
  • For myself as I wrap up some of my responsibilities here in San Salvador before leaving for the States.
  • For safe and smooth travels between countries and states over the next few months. 

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