He is Good // July 2019

Hey guys! How was your month? I think and pray for you often and I hope that God continues to bring you closer to Him through those around and events surrounding you. Here’s a summary of what happened in July in San Salvador!

Thank you, Bay Area and Rock City!

This month, we hosted two different mission teams from Bay Area Community Church (Annapolis, MD) and Rock City Church (Columbus, Ohio). Both teams were full of energy and reminded me in different ways of the passion and desire we should all have for serving God and getting to know Him better in everything that we do. We are praising Jesus for all of the work that was done with these two teams and that both teams are planning to return next year!

Bay Area was a team of middle schoolers and high schoolers focused on continuing construction on the Recreational Center and spending time with our children and families at the Volcano CDC. They made a donation to the Rec Center in honor of one of their own, Eddie, that tragically passed earlier this year. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to honoring Eddie’s memory and giving glory to our God!

It’s always a treat hosting teams from my home church, Rock City! This team was no different and they did lots to bless the children at our Soyapango and Volcano CDCs. My favorite part was watching the team build EIGHT beds for children in need and getting to witness some of the deliveries. It’s so easy for us to take for granted the things we have, and I always welcome the reminder of how preciously faithful our God is in His provision for me, my family and those we serve at the CDCs. Thank you, Rock City!

Watch a summary of Bay Area’s trip HERE and of Rock City’s trip HERE. Coordinating photo and video of all the missionaries is one of Chepe’s roles with mission teams!

Apartment Update

So, I kinda snuck this into my praises last month but I wanted to make sure to tell you that Chepe and I found an apartment! We have been praying and asking God to bring us to the right place to live when we get married ever since our engagement in January.

In the same neighborhood that Victor and Silvia’s (my host parents) home is, they were building apartments that we have had our eye on for a while now. It seemed like the most ideal fit in terms of location and safety (our top priorities), but we weren’t sure if we could make it work financially. Well, God came through and we were able to see one of the apartments for rent (they were going VERY quickly) and were able to negotiate with the owner to bring the rent down into our price range! PRAISE Jesus!

Another answer to prayer came when we realized that I would need to move out of the Turcios home before the wedding to be able to keep the apartment. I was nervous about this conversation because I didn’t want them to feel that I was leaving them behind, but God was present and they were so understanding and flexible with this decision! We were able to buy essential furniture and appliances that I’d need in time to move in between mission teams a couple weeks ago. Over the next few months, we will keep getting the things that we need for the long-term, but for now it has been an overall smooth transition. I’m already so excited for Chepe to join me here after the wedding!

One of my favorite things is our view from the apartment. It looks out on the volcano where one of our CDCs is and has been a cool, daily reminder to pray for these families and kids on the days I’m not there. Thank you to those that have been praying for us during this time of engagement and for all of the upcoming changes. We are confident in and reminded of His faithfulness every step of the way!

Race for the Soul

Do you live in or near the Columbus, Ohio area? Do you like to exercise while supporting a good cause? Then this announcement is for YOU! On September 28th, Race for the Soul at the Columbus Zoo will help to benefit Total Health, the organization that supports our two medical clinics here in San Salvador!

I am representing El Salvador as Team Captain and although I’m not able to be there in person, Pastor Victor is planning to attend and participate in the race! I and everyone else here will be cheering from all the way down south. There are 5k run, walk and kid race options. This is a great opportunity to bond with your family, small group or co-workers!

Make sure to register under “Team El Salvador” so that the funds will be directed specifically to Total Health.

To learn more and to register to race, visit raceforthesoul.com

If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to support the cause, you may do so at the link above as well. There are cool prizes for those that raise the most money or perform the best in races!

Praises and Prayer Requests
  • Protection for the mission teams and pure joy that we got to experience during their time here! For each person that gave their life to Jesus through these teams!
  • God’s provision and faithfulness in helping us find an apartment to share together when Chepe and I get married in just a couple short months!
  • For the Turcios family and the time I got to spend sharing their home for over two and a half years. They truly have become part of our family and have been such a blessing to me in so many ways since moving here.
  • For the upcoming mission team from Bethel Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio. They will be serving mainly at our Soyapango CDC with an animal vaccine campaign, building beds and hosting Bible studies for parents.
  • For us as we continue to coordinate things for the apartment and the wedding in time for our big day in October. In El Salvador, some small tasks are more complicated than I’m used to in the States and now living in the apartment I’m having to adjust to lots of them! Please pray for patience and for God to help us find the right people to help us with all the logistics.

We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to continue serving the local church here and advancing the gospel in San Salvador in the years to come!

Your support is essential to making this possible and we thank God for you daily!

Bendiciones mil,

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