His Grace Abounds // August 2019

Hello! How are you doing? I hope summer has ended on a high note for everyone. August was full of great God moments and I’m excited to share below!

Grupo de Crecimiento (Youth Group)

Chepe leads our small group with Iglesia Gran Comisión of about 15 people that serves mostly those in late high school and early college from our church. Last week, we had the amazing opportunity to build, decorate and deliver three beds for children at our Development Center on the Volcano! It was a great bonding activity for our group and so fun to see two parts of my world collide as our local church members don’t always get a chance to visit the Center.

Thanks to an outside donation, we were able to bless Byron, Jonathan and Kenia with their very own beds, giving them the chance to get a better night’s sleep and showing them God’s love in action at the same time. The Esmeralda Project (our bed-building initiative) has provided 78 beds to children in our program since June 2018!

Beginning in July, the leaders of our youth groups have taken the initiative to plan a monthly event (apart from weekly small groups) to bring together all the youth from IGC San Salvador, Soyapango and La Libertad. At the first of these meetings, Chepe shared about the importance of reading the Bible each day and in this month’s event another leader, Vladimir, shared about how we can defend the Bible’s Truth in our lives. There was also a special appearance from Nueva Creación (“New Creation” a local worship ministry that Chepe has been a part of for over ten years)!

We have seen GREAT turnout for these events (over 75 people each month)–would you join us in praying that these events be a successful way to reach more youth with the gospel of Jesus?

Thank you, Bethel Presbyterian Church!

We closed out our missions season for the year with a team from Bethel Presbyterian in Columbus, Ohio! It was great hosting more people from my home state and getting to serve them throughout the week. They spent most of their time at our Soyapango Center/Clinic/Church with vaccinating pets, building beds, evangelizing door-to-door and hosting Bible studies. We can’t wait to have them (and all other mission teams) back next year!

Race for the Soul

Do you live in or near the Columbus, Ohio area? Do you like to exercise while supporting a good cause? Then this announcement is for YOU! On September 28th, Race for the Soul at the Columbus Zoo will help to benefit Total Health, the organization that supports our two medical clinics here in San Salvador!

I am representing El Salvador as Team Captain and although I’m not able to be there in person, Pastor Victor will attend and participate in the race! I and everyone else here will be cheering from all the way down south. There are 5k run, walk and kid race options. This is a great opportunity to bond with your family, small group or co-workers!

Make sure to register under “Team El Salvador” so that the funds will be directed specifically to Total Health.

To learn more and to register to race, visit raceforthesoul.com

If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to support the cause, you may do so at the link above as well. There are cool prizes for those that raise the most money or perform the best in races!

Praises and Prayer Requests
  • A fruitful season of hosting Mission Teams and already multiple teams confirmed for 2020!
  • constant reminders of God’s provision as He has met several needs in our ministry through missionaries and donors
  • a growing youth ministry at Iglesia Gran Comisión and an additional way for Chepe to serve using his gifts
  • For more churches to partner with us and send additional Mission Teams to support the work that God will do through these projects in 2020.
  • For additional donations for our Recreational Center in the Volcano Center. We are almost done with construction but about $11,000 from paying off the project.
  • For Chepe and I during the last few weeks of wedding planning–it’s been an exciting time but stressful at the same time. Please pray that we can savor this season and let go of lots of the details that only God can control!
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, it means more to me than I could express in words!


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