Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Cruz // November 2019

Hey! I hope you’ve been having a great fall season. The last couple of months have been nothing short of a whirlwind and I’m left in awe of our Creator for all of it. Thanks for reading and keeping up with this crazy life God is placing in front of me!

¡Nos casamos! We’re Married!

Chepe and I had the best day of our lives on October 5th. It was full of family, friends, joy and abounding gratefulness for Who our God is. We want to thank all of you that reached out to wish us well, we felt the love!

Many of my family and friends flew down for the celebration, most of which had never been to El Salvador before. It was such a special treat to be able to show them our home and introduce them to the ministry that we are so passionate about. So far, marriage has been a mix of happiness, compromise, and LOTS of changes. We know that challenges will come, but for now we are soaking up all the honeymoon feels that we can.

Enjoy these sneak peeks we’ve received from our photographer:


Child Sponsorship
As part of my role as Child Sponsorship Coordinator, I am in charge of creating individual child updates twice a year for our over 200 kiddos with sponsors. I’ve recently begun working on the second update of the year. If you’re one of our child sponsors, expect your update in December! 

My favorite thing about managing sponsorship is that it guarantees that I touch base with each of our kids multiple times a year. For me, it is the part of my job that reminds me of the “why” and lets me hang with the kids that tugged on my heart from the very beginning of my story here. Since most of my responsibilities keep me in front of the computer, I cherish these times where I get lots of face time with the families that we serve.

Here’s an example of a child update I sent out in May of this year:

Mission Teams
2020 is right around the corner! That being said, we already have seven mission teams confirmed for next year with more potential teams to confirm. Before the year is out I will begin to plan logistics for the earliest teams of the year as well as follow up with potential teams to join the schedule.

If your church is looking for a place to expand their international missions outreach, we would love to give you more information about what a trip with us could look like. We have needs that cover a range of interests and talents including children’s ministry, evangelism, construction projects, medical and dental campaigns and more. We still have lots of space for more mission teams next year!

Praises and Prayer Requests
  • a joyful wedding day for Chepe and I!
  • for each of our current child sponsors, who make it possible for the CDIs to stay open month to month and give us the opportunity to work with these families
  • safe, action-packed and fun visit from fourteen friends and family that joined us for wedding weekend
  • that Chepe and I would continue to learn more about grace and sacrifice as we adjust to living together and creating a new life together
  • for our children in the CDIs as they are currently in exams week as they close out the school year here (public school here runs January-October)
  • for the CDI program to make an eternal impact as we get extra time to influence these kids during the month that they are out of classes but before we go on Christmas break

I am constantly reminded of how God works through you all to support the ministry happening here in San Salvador, El Salvador. All I can say is – THANK YOU!


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