Refreshed | January 2020

Hello, everyone! Chepe and I have started off the year well, jumping back into our routine following the holidays and focusing on healthy habits (spiritually, physically, professionally) as we set goals for the year.

Youth Small Group 2020

A few weeks ago, our small group picked up again following our Christmas dinner. We have had strong attendance (12-16 youth) each week and feel excited for the year. In our first meeting this month, Chepe asked if there were any specific studies anyone would like to do this year. From that, we’ve got lots of ideas and have started off by reading through and studying the book of Job. Each day, we read a chapter of Job individually and then come together on Saturday to discuss as a group.

I’ve really enjoyed this study so far, and observing Job’s attitude towards God. Even though he was suffering, Job always recognized God’s sovereignty over all things and didn’t hold back his feelings from Him. This is a reminder that 1. God allows suffering for reasons that we aren’t always supposed to understand and 2. God wants us to bring ALL of our emotions to Him, including the ugly ones (confusion, disappointment, etc.). He already knows and understands our human emotions, and through a close relationship with Him we are able to overcome them and live in peace and joy.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will leave this life. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord” Throughout all this Job did not sin or blame God for anything. Job 1:21-22 (CSB)

CDIs 2020 Registration

I’ve been pretty busy in January with organizing and digitalizing all the sign-up sheets for our kids in the CDI programs for 2020. So far, we are about 75% completed with sign-ups and are hoping to have a final roster in the next couple of weeks. During this time, especially in the Volcano, many kids are assisting their parents with the coffee harvest to make some extra money for the season and have yet to report to CDI following winter break.
Please be praying for these families and for God’s provision to be abundantly more than what they would expect for this year. We understand the need for extra income, but always encourage parents to put their children’s education as a main priority. It’s been such a breath of fresh air seeing these kids after a month of break and I’m grateful for God’s reminders of the real people that benefit from the work being done at the CDIs.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the super cute new kids joining the program this year!

2020 GOALS

Small Group:
Chepe and I have talked a lot about how we can be more invested and more intentional with those in our small group. We’re thankful that God has provided our home to be the place to meet and hang out together. Other than following more long-term Bible studies together, Chepe has also had new ideas of how to engage them in their personal faith (separate guys and girls hangout nights, more service activities together, get everyone serving in church, etc.)

Reach 100% funding:
To be able to serve here in El Salvador, Chepe and I rely on faithful supporters that give each month to cover our expenses. Right now, we are lacking $600 in monthly support to be fully funded. In the next few months, we hope to speak with lots of people about what God is doing here and ask for your prayers for God’s provision.

Mission Teams:
Thankfully, due to the decades of experience of our leadership team, a lot of the process with mission teams was set in place before I became Missions Coordinator. That being said, with an expanding ministry and new church partners there are always ways to improve. I’ve been praying a lot about even little details that we could improve to honor God’s vision for these trips.

Personally, I would like to spend more quality time this year at the CDIs. As you probably know, most of my job is communications/computer based. I love the admin-type work that I get to do, but last year I felt that my relationships with the kids at the CDIs wasn’t as strong as in years past. I want to be more intentional with them this year and ask God to always keep my heart focused on glorifying Him through the big picture that I get to be a part of here.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, it means more to us than we could express in words!

Para Su gloria,
José and Ali

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