Our Redeemer Lives | February 2020

But I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the end he will stand on the dust.
Job 19:25 (CSB)

Small Group Update

We’ve had a busy month with the youth in our small group! In addition to continuing our study of Job, we’ve added lots of extra activities into the mix. We’re praising God that we are averaging 18-20 people every Saturday, including four new guests! Last Saturday, we completed a spiritual gifts test and reviewed resources for us to continuing learning and applying our personal set of gifts to glorify God. I’ve taken the list before and have seen consistency in my top three gifts: Leadership, Administration and Service. Chepe’s top gifts are Service (far and away his strongest result), Mercy and Administration.

[ getting cozy in our little apartment filling out the spiritual gifts test ]


The other main focus for our group right now is raising funds to help us get to GCLA’s annual Holy Week conference “Vertical” in April. We have about 12 people interested in attending, so we are hard at work selling brownies, chocolates and raffle tickets so that funds won’t be an obstacle for anyone. As leaders, Chepe and I are doing all that we can to motivate everyone to help out (including making LOTS of brownies and several grocery store runs to pick up what we need to sell). My best estimate is that we’ve raised about $200 already and I’d love to see us get to $1000 within the next six weeks. Would you pray for these youth? We are praising Him because we know that He is a God that honors hard work and encourages a heart that desires to learn more about Him.

[ best group of youth out there! also, we’re so thankful for an apartment building with a beautiful rooftop space big enough for all of us ]

Looking Ahead

Mission Teams

In just a couple days, the first Mission Team of 2020 will be arriving from NorthRock Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The following week, we’ll be hosting a team from Rock City Church in Columbus, Ohio. These teams will be serving at both of our Children’s Development Centers building beds, visiting local families, teaching Bible classes, and much more! I’ve been working hard with our local team to prepare everything and we’re excited the teams will finally be arriving. Please pray for the safety and health of the missionaries and as always, that we would be sensitive to the Lord’s leading throughout the week.

Computer Classes

A few weeks ago, God put in on Chepe’s heart to start teaching computer classes to the oldest children at our Center on the Volcano. He has been working to update and prepare the laptops the Center has so that they will be ready to begin classes on March 11th. God has been good in providing what Chepe needs to get the classes started and the teachers are excited as well knowing the kids will really enjoy this class. Knowing how to use a computer (typing, Microsoft programs, etc.) has the potential to triple future income for these children. Will you pray for Chepe as he builds up this new program from scratch?

Vertical Conference

As I mentioned above, we’re heading back to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in April for GCLA’s annual conference! We love the chance to catch up with friends from all over Central America as well as spend these three days focused on learning and worshipping God together. Please pray for all of us from San Salvador with plans to go, that God would protect us during travel and that this conference would help us to draw closer to Christ than ever before.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, it means more to us than we could express in words!

Para Su gloria,
José and Ali

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