Back Home in El Salvador! | Fall 2020 Update

Hello, everyone! How have you been? We’ve got lots to catch you up on!

Celebrating Four Years In El Salvador!

We’ve done it! October 25th marked four years to the day since I moved to El Salvador for full-time ministry. On one hand, these four years have flown by. On the other hand, I can’t remember what life was like for me before I moved. I have learned so much, met so many amazing people and am in awe of the Creator’s love for me through every triumph and difficulty. 

Thanks to YOU and your generosity, I’m able to continue into year five with the same desire to know Him and make Him known in El Salvador. We thank God every day for you guys, because we know that He has assembled this team to support us the exact ways that we need it. You guys are Aaron and Hur to us each and every day (Exodus 7:8-13).

[ the face I make when I’m trying to remember at what point
during the four years Manuel (CDI student) became taller than me ]

Furlough Recap

We spent most of the time since our last update in the US on furlough. It was a cherished time for us to spend with family and friends, some of which Chepe had never met before! It was also Chepe’s first visit to the US, so it was so cool for me to finally be able to show him so many places and things (and food—the food!) that I’ve been telling him about for years. After spending the months leading up to the trip in home quarantine in El Salvador, it was a breath of fresh air for us to have a change of scenery. 

It was great getting to meet with people to catch up on ministry, although we weren’t able to connect with everyone we would’ve like to have seen due to time and safety restrictions. Thank you to everyone for your prayers for safe travels and smooth logistics (including required COVID tests to enter El Salvador)—the Lord made it a very easy day of travel! Of course, a lot of things looked different due to the pandemic, but this time was still priceless for us. It came and went in a flash.

[ We snuck away for a long weekend in northern Michigan to celebrate 
our one year wedding anniversary! The fall colors were gorgeous. ]

Ministry Updates

We returned home feeling refreshed and excited to jump back into our routine and embracing the beautiful weather.  Thankfully, the rate of new COVID cases in El Salvador declined while we were away and has stayed under control for several weeks. Despite that, ministry activities are still limited due to government measures. Nevertheless, God is still working and the CDI and local church are still serving and loving those that need it. 

Our Total Health clinics have been open part-time for over a month and despite not being permitted to host children in person, the CDIs continue providing food packages and hosting craft workshops for parents. Church services are still being held online, so Chepe continues to manage all content to make sure services are streamed correctly. 

We’re continuing to meet with our youth small group on Saturdays and are always encouraged by everyone’s excitement. A couple months ago, we created a calendar for everyone to take turns sharing on whatever topic they’d like. For a lot of people in our group, it’s the first time they’ve ever led a small group or Bible study meeting, and they’re all doing a great job! With many people still spending the majority of their time at home, God laid it on Chepe’s heart to start an additional meeting on Thursdays to keep even more contact with the youth we minister to.  This will be a group for anyone wanting to participate in more in-depth studies of Scripture than we do in our regular Saturday meetings. Please be praying for this group that will start next week! 

Even in this crazy year, God has shown us in so many ways that He is still for us and has prepared us for this. One of those things is in technology. Although we’d love to be able to meet in person with everyone in our church family, technology has allowed us to continue attending and hosting from afar, even during our time in the States!

[ small group Saturdays! ]

Financial Support Update

We are still seeking additional, recurring support to keep us working full-time in ministry in El Salvador. This year has been difficult for so many people which has understandably affected our regular support. Would you be willing to help us in one or more of the following ways?

PRAY: for God to connect us to the right people to provide this financial support
CONNECT: us with anyone you know is interested in supporting international missions
GIVE: by increasing your current support or giving an extra special gift to help us make up the deficit we are currently facing. You can do that HERE

We are asking God to raise $450 in monthly giving over the next several weeks! He can do it!

Thank you for your continued love and support from a distance! We feel it from afar and are so grateful for you.
Para Su gloria,
José and Ali

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