Urgent Prayer Request | January 2021

Hello everyone and happy 2021! Please start by reading about an urgent prayer request for Karla. After that, you can see what we’ve been up to at the start of this year. 

Urgent Prayer Request: Karla

Please pray for Karla from our Volcano CDI. She is currently experiencing dangerous health issues. This is a developing situation so I’m not able to share details at the moment, but we ask you to pray for God’s complete, rapid healing and peace over Karla! Karla is 16 years old, enjoys math class and running around to get her energy out with her friends. Her younger sister, Daniela, is also in the CDI program.

Youth Small Group

Our youth small group met for the first time this year on January 16th. To challenge the youth, Chepe wanted to start off with a 21-day fast. Because many of the youth (current age range from 10-26!) have never fasted food before, we encouraged them to choose to remove something that takes up time in their everyday life that they could replace with intentional prayer and fellowship with Jesus. For many of them, this fast has meant cutting out social media apps or a modified food fast (removing one meal per day or a type of food that their body is dependent on). We are halfway through the fast and it has been so refreshing! Please pray for our group as we continue fasting until Sunday, February 7th. 

Chepe and I are also very excited about upcoming guest speakers that will be joining our group on Thursdays and Saturdays. Despite not being able to meet in person right now, we are blessed to take advantage of technology and host guest speakers from the States and across Central America!

Iglesia Gran Comisión

Iglesia Gran Comisión (Great Commission Church) has continued with in-person services at the CDIs once a month. The latest meeting was last Sunday and we saw strong attendance in the CDI at the Volcano! We have really enjoyed these services in the fresh air and the chance to catch up in person with other members of the church. Based on a current surge of COVID cases in El Salvador, it is possible for future in-person services to be put on hold once again.

Would you join us in praying for a reduction of cases and that no more restrictions be put in place that would prevent us from these monthly meetings? Even better, let’s pray for God to open big doors that allow for safe, weekly services in person very soon!

Sorrow + Joy

On December 21st, my sweet “Grams”, Terri, passed away at the age of 88. She was a wonderful lady who filled many memories of my childhood. In recent years, she always loved hearing about the “sweet kiddos” we work with in El Salvador. Although we knew her health had been declining and were able to say “goodbye” before she died, it was very difficult for me to not be with my mom and the rest of my family during that time. Nevertheless, God has blessed me with peace in that she knew Jesus and repeatedly expressed her desire to go home to Him on her last day in this life. 

Despite being an emotional week, Chepe and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas in El Salvador complete with our fancy at-home dinner date on the 25th. This is the second year we’ve made a dinner like this, so can we call it our first Christmas tradition yet? Of course, we made way too much food and enjoyed leftovers for a couple days afterwards. God is so good and His blessings are overwhelming! 

I am currently going through a devotional about spiritual disciplines (find it here). This has felt so fitting as we complete our fast as a small group. My favorite reminder from this devotional has been about prayer. Prayer isn’t meant to be a practice of routine and then putting your communication with God aside until your next scheduled prayer. No! Prayer is one, continual conversation between us and God. I have felt encouraged to talk to God more casually and constantly throughout my day on top of my daily devotional time.


…for Karla’s complete and rapid healing.

…for El Salvador as it approaches national elections for congress and mayors on February 28th. The political climate here has been very tense. Please pray for peaceful, safe elections for all involved. Also, we praise God because we know He constantly pursues all that need Him, including government leaders. Pray for these leaders to be seeking God’s wisdom daily as they make important decisions for El Salvador. 

…that the COVID surge would be reduced and God to open doors for weekly church services in-person and the ability to host children at the CDI.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, it means more to us than we could express in words!

Para Su gloria,
José and Ali

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