June + July 2021 Update

Hello, everyone!
We pray that you are all doing well and enjoying summer! There has been a lot going on in ministry here that we are so excited to share with you.

Total Health Mission Team

On July 4th, we welcomed the first mission team we’ve hosted since the pandemic began. We were super excited but also nervous about all the changes that needed to be made due to health restrictions. Despite this, God took great care of us and the team all week and we had an amazing time with them! 

This team came specifically to give free medical consults and medications to patients in need. These consultations were an enormous blessing to many people because it is very difficult to be seen in the hospitals right now due to the influx of COVID patients. On top of that, because many public hospitals have been designated only for COVID patients, people who had been regularly seen by doctors at those hospitals for chronic diseases have had their care suspended for 16 months. 

The team served in three CDI locations: La Libertad, Soyapango and the San Salvador Volcano. In total, they provided 342 consultations and 6 patients prayed to accept Christ during the week!

If you’d like to see the video summary of the team, click HERE!
Check out more pictures HERE!

Anna’s Visit

Chepe and I hosted a missionary from Ohio, Anna, in our home for about a month. Anna is exploring a possible call in missions and wanted to join us for a month to experience what living as an international missionary might look like. She is in nursing school and was a huge help to the Total Health team and in assisting us in various projects in our ministry. It was super fun for us to meet her and she gave us an excuse to be tourists in our own city! Please pray for Anna and for God to guide her as she considers mission work in the future.

CDI Updates

Soyapango CDI has been open for one month! As attendance has been optional since we started hosting kids again, we are very pleased that so many children are showing up every day. They missed CDI and we REALLY missed them. God is good!

We have been facing a big challenge in opening our Volcano CDI back up to kids. On the Volcano, there is no running water and we rely on a cistern and pump system to provide water for the bathrooms and cleaning (we use only filtered water for cooking). Since rainy season began, the steep road leading up to the CDI has been washed out, leaving large holes making it impossible for any vehicles to drive up. This has kept us from filling the cistern with sufficient water to open our doors to host the children every day. We are pleading with the city’s government to come a make repairs quickly, as this will allow us and the people who live here the much needed option to buy water when it’s not raining enough to collect water naturally. In the meantime, we have continued providing food packages to the families and the Total Health clinic has remained open to patients and CDI kid check-ups.

Despite the challenges, God is good and we plan to open in the Volcano this coming Monday! Please pray for continued rain and for the hill to be in good enough condition for a water truck to come and fill the cistern on a continuous basis. We are SO excited to host these kiddos again!

Prayer Requests

Volcano Water Supply
For God to bring rain to our cisterns in the Volcano CDI and for the city government to respond quickly in fixing the road leading up to the CDI to allow water trucks to pass.
Rock City Mission Team
For a mission team of 14 people arriving from Rock City Church (Columbus, OH) tomorrow on July 31st. The team will be involved in painting the Soyapango CDI, sharing with our local churches, kids’ lessons, Bible studies, building beds and more.
For healing for various people in our church currently battling sickness

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, it means more to us than we could express in words!

Para Su gloria,
José and Ali

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