What do we believe? | January 2022

Happy New Year, everyone! For this update, we wanted to share about our role as small group leaders for youth in the San Salvador church.

What do we believe?

At the end of last year, our small group was talking about what topics or studies we’d like to do together in 2022. One idea that arose was a way to answer tough questions about what we believe when we talk to others about our faith. We decided that we can start 2022 by leaning into what we believe as a church and where the basis for these beliefs are found in Scripture. 

So, a couple weeks ago we began going through our church’s Statement of Faith, focusing on a new part of our beliefs each week. I (Ali) shared last week about who God is and the fundamental parts of His character that make Him unique and divine. For us, it is important to develop a habit of making our faith personal by knowing how each belief is backed up in God’s Word. 

Here’s how you can be praying for our small group as we continue this series:

—for open minds and hearts as we are refreshed by our fundamental beliefs as Christ followers

—for wisdom in how to apply these beliefs to be God’s hands and feet every day

—for healing and protection, as a few members of our small group have tested positive for COVID in the last couple of weeks; we have hosted the last two meetings online and are returning to in-person, outdoor meetings this weekend

If you’d like to read GCLA’s summarized Statement of Faith, you can find it below:

Thank you for all of your support and prayers! We love you. 

José + Ali

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