A New Chapter

Hello! We have spent the last several weeks adjusting to the US and spending much cherished quality time with family and friends. We wanted to send one last update as we reflect on our years of ministry work in El Salvador.

Our Biggest “Gracias!” to You

We must start by thanking you for your faithful generosity and support that has allowed us to spend years serving those in need in San Salvador: the children at the CDI and their families, the patients at the Total Health clinics, our youth small group, and those that would see the gospel in action through Iglesia Gran Comisión (Great Commission Church) and its outreach projects.

Through the dozens of mission teams we served alongside, we are grateful to have witnessed hundreds of people blessed by receiving a new bed, food deliveries, medications and medical treatment, beautiful shoes, and countless others who heard the gospel and prayed with us along the way.

We have grown in ways we didn’t expect, seeing how God uses difficult circumstances (global and personal) to answer our prayers in His perfect timing. Your support has always been a vital part of this mission, allowing us to also be generous in meeting the needs we saw around us. We have been personally touched by the kindness and trust expressed through your partnership.

I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you.
Philippians 1:3 (CSB)

What’s Next?

El Salvador will always be a special place for both of us. For me (Ali), it is where I found a strong connection to God through serving others and where I took a leap of faith to embrace a new culture, stretching my comfort zone beyond where I had expected. For Chepe, it is his home, where his family still lives and where he first met God personally. For us, it is where we fell in love, got married and shared our first home together. We are excited to continue visiting and strengthening our bond with this beautiful place and its invaluable people.

As we begin this new journey together in Ohio, we are eager to see God’s plan for us and our family unfold in the coming months and years. I have recently accepted a position in Columbus that will allow me to serve students in a new and challenging way. Chepe has enjoyed all the new things about US culture that he has experienced, and continues to seek the best fit for him to continue serving others.

“What Happens to My Donation?”

For Ali’s supporters through Reliant:

Your giving is as essential as ever though the end of July. My last day of employment with Reliant is June 30th. If you want to discontinue your financial partnership at this time, you may contact Reliant by phone (877-614-4600), email (gift.services@reliant.org), or online (www.reliant.org). If you do not contact Reliant and your gift is generated electronically, your LifeLink transactions will automatically stop after June 30th. Please feel free to contact Reliant or me with any other questions you have. If you give by check, your last recurring check will be expected in June.

Since I have about $1200 available as back-pay and ministry reimbursements, Reliant allows funds received by July 31st to cover these needs. If you would like to contribute to these needs, you can do so by going onto your Reliant account to give a special gift by July 31st.

For Chepe’s supporters through GCLA (Network for Good):

If you would like to discontinue your financial gifts, you need to login to your account hereto manually turn off your recurring donations. If you will continue to support Pedro Solano (who has taken over many of our former responsibilities in El Salvador) through this same giving platform, you can send him an email (solanopedro11@gmail.com) for instructions on how to transfer your giving.

Any leftover funds that were designated to Chepe’s salary at the end of his employment with GCLA have been donated to support Pedro in his first few months of work for the church!

Prayer Requests

For the ministry in El Salvador: 
That God would continue to bring the best people to serve as staff and volunteers, and for CDI and church leadership as they seek to grow in ways that glorify God and His mission for the communities that they serve

For Chepe:
That he would find an employment opportunity soon that is a great fit for him and our family, that he would continue to adjust well to cultural differences, for an easy and successful driving test coming up on June 10th!

For Ali: 
That I would have a smooth transition into my upcoming role, and that I would be able to tie up all the loose ends having to do with our move

For both of us: 
That we would learn and grow together in this new season of life, that God would continue to provide for all of our financial needs and that He guides us in all decisions for our future

Again, thank you for your continued support and for being such a huge part of this very important time in our lives and in working towards the Great Commission in El Salvador. We love you!

Para Su gloria,
José “Chepe” and Ali

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