What is a CDI?

CDI stands for Centro de Desarrollo Infantíl, or Children’s Development Center. Iglesia Gran Comisión in San Salvador manages two CDIs in the area. The original CDI is located on the side of the San Salvador Volcano, and the other is located in a city adjacent to San Salvador called Soyapango. By being a part of the CDI program, a child receives four main benefits: nutrition [a daily meal and multi-vitamins], medical care [based out of the Total Health clinic in Guayabo and medical mission teams], tutoring [provided by teachers on staff at the center], and most importantly Jesus [the CDI shares the gospel with these children and their families and teaches the children to live according to Biblical principles].IMG_9071Where do I fit in?

As a full-time missionary working with Iglesia Gran Comisión, I spend most of my time at the CDIs. I am the English Program Coordinator and Child Sponsorship Coordinator for our over 220 children in the program. In addition to this, many of the mission teams that IGC hosts throughout the year serve at the CDIs. Because of this, I coordinate how missionaries can help with our English classes, serve as a translator, and act as one of their “hosts” for the week.

Nelson, one of the boys who attends the CDI. He is a ball of energy, and is always laughing and ready to play with any of the missionaries who will join him.

Why is this important?

I have personally witnessed the growth [both spiritually and physically] that many of these children have experienced as being part of the CDI program. Lives are truly changing in these communities as not only these children but their entire families are exposed to God’s love through the work being done at the centers. Providing these children with healthy meals and medical care is something that most of these parents could only dream of doing on their own, but it is made possible with the generosity of all those who serve the CDIs. I believe that God is using these CDIs as a foundation for these children to restore their hope through Christ and provide them with the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their community.

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